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Coloring and Activity Books

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Coloring and Activity Books

by Fisk and Fern

  • These coloring books are full of hilariously illustrated animals that focus on both learning and fun - the alliteration abounds!
  • The first (orange)book has all the colors of the rainbow, plus a few extra, and the 2nd (blue) book is filled with outrageous colors with a little more focus on games and puzzles.
  • Each 8.5 x 11 folded book is filled with fun facts that will amuse adults and kids alike. Such as, who knew that clever crocodiles have birds that clean their teeth? Or that peculiar periwinkle penguins love bouncing on trampolines? (can you guess which one is true?)
  • The covers professionally printed through a company that uses only windpower and partially recycled paper.
  • All ages will enjoy these!
  • Designed by artisans Fisk and Fern
  • Our price: $6.50 each or 2/$12.00
Buy both Colors and Critters books for $12.00

Buy orange Color and Critters Coloring Book for $6.50

Buy blue Color and Critters Activity and Coloring Book for $6.50

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