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Puppet Flower

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Spectacled Sparrow Flower Hand Puppet

  • These incredible hand puppets from artisan The Specatacled Sparrow are made of recycled wool sweaters that have been felted to a thick fabric and sewn into these fabulous, fun, and funky pets. They are looking for good homes and will 'fit' into any family!

  • One size puppets fit a wide range of hands-from kids to adults. Puppets are 12 to 15 inches tall and about 9 inches wide. Since the sweaters are recycled, every puppet is different --just like their real life companions!

  • This flower girl just loves the sun. Whenever its sunny out she shows that big smile of hers brightening everyone's day. Fortunately, even room lights bring out that great smile and her gorgeous blue petals. When the lights go out, and its time for bed, she curls up and sleeps, waiting for the morning sun.

  • Our price: $27.00

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